Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welcome to Dwarven Nation

Purpose of the site:

This site is for my own gaming, reading and general Dwarven outlook for all things. I am not sure how World of Warcraft centric it will be yet. At the moment however, I am dual boxing Dwarves on the recruit a friend system so I can have 1 of every class that Dwarves can be in the game. After I complete that goal, I may move on to WaR and do the same there. After that, I will move on to whatever other game has Dwarves that I can play.

Given the amount of games that can be called Dwarf centric, there will be a ‘shelf’ life for this blog but since I do not ‘consume’ myself playing, I assure any and all readers that the blog will be here for at least 2-3years. Along with lore and general game posts I will be posting about books I read concerning Dwarves. If you like Dwarves, if you like game centric posts, if people constantly refer to you as having a Dwarven personality then this blog could be for you.

When I get home, this is a post from work; I will start on making the banner look Dwarven. Also, there will be plenty of pics and stories. I will have post of the following sorts and will try and have them done daily.

Story Posts (This will be an original story starring a Dwarf I make up)

Lore Posts (Posts concerning Dwarven lore for the game or set of novels I am reading at the time)

Game Mechanic Post (General game mechanic post. This will not be a leveling guide)

Personal Post (Concerning RL and other things)

Dwarven Attitude Post (You’ll just have to read these)

Posts will happen Mon – Fri and I am shooting for at least 1 a day of varying length.



  1. All things Dwarven very fitting. Just checking in to see how you have been. Tell the fam hello for me.

  2. Also checking in. Just wanted to say good hunting and congrats on the new baby(not sure when he/she is actually due.)